is an up to date vertically integrated limited liability company carrying out its professional activity by providing the full cycle from hydrocarbon exploration and recovery to heat and electric power production with its subsequent sale to end users.
About us
Professional team of domestic specialists with the assistance of leading foreign specialists ensure stable development and growth of the Company as a full-fledge participant of Ukrainian hydrocarbon production market.

Today the Company owns a number of special permits for subsoil use within the areas located in the Eastern region of Ukraine with substantial recoverable hydrocarbon reserves.

Concurrent execution of geologic exploration and recovery operations is a prerequisite of our rapid advance.
At present The Company carries out:
  • Procurement and delivery of natural gas at an unregulated tariff;
  • Hydrocarbon recovery at owned license areas;
  • Prospecting and development of deposits.

Limited liability company UKREASTGAS has repeatedly confirmed its status of an effective company which is a keystone to successful implementation of its further projects and plans. All stages of the Company development are aimed at dynamic enhancement of its business activity.